northern cape 300 club

The group of people listed below have all seen at least 300 species within the boundaries of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. If your name does not appear on the list, but you fall into this category and would like to be on the list, please email us your details and we will add you to the list. If your total has changed since publication of this list, please also send us your revised total to amend the list.

As at 17 January 2015, there are 11 people on the list.

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List of birders reporting a Northern Cape list of 300 or more species:

Those names in red have confirmed that their totals are calculated as per the latest Southern African checklist available to download on this website.
Name Total Last updated
Andrew Stainthorpe 405 13 July 2014
Maans Booysen 329  
Dawie Kleynhans 325 19 October 2014
Sarieta Kleynhans 323 19 October 2014
Arnold van der Westhuizen 314  
Mary de Wijn 314 17 January 2015
Ben Smit 312 13 July 2014
Trevor Hardaker 311 13 July 2014
Japie Claassen 308  
Margaret Hardaker 307 13 July 2014
Bruce Dyer 302  


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